New REC Gymnast Class Information

New to Timberline Gymnastics- Windsor (TGW) and starting class soon? We are so excited to have you! Below you’ll find some helpful and insightful class information so you & your gymnast are ready for your first day at TGW!

  • TGW only offers ONE MAKEUP FOR REC per thirty days. (This does not include TEAM or X-LEAGUE programs). When/if the times comes, please EMAIL us to schedule your ONE makeup class at FrontDesk@WindsorGymCo.comand we’ll be happy to help you! PLEASE NOTE: Makeups are NOT a guarantee. We will try our best to accommodate all makeup requests- but if a class/classes are filled to capacity, MAKEUPS ARE NOT A GUARANTEE.
  • New to Gymnastics? Please register your gymnast online in the Parent Portal for the available class you’d like to attend. You will pay in full for that month and the annual membership fee. After your gymnast’s first class, if you do not wish to move forward with her or his enrollment, please email us to let us know within 12-24 hours and we will refund your session + membership fee, less the one class. If you have missed the 24-hour refund window, you will no longer be eligible for a refund or credit of any kind, and your gymnast will keep her or his enrollment active for the session.
  • All enrollments are rolling! Your gymnast will be automatically enrolled from month to month in his or her same class until you email us with a drop request OR you fill out a drop form. Please note that Gym Stars classes are session commitments: Fall A (August- September) Fall B (October – November) Winter (December- February) Spring (March-May) Summer (June- July). All Preschool and Girls Gym Adventures classes do NOT follow the session map above but are only month-to-month commitments.
  • Your gymnast will be barefoot the entire class (no socks ever, please). There is a place in our front entrance inside the gym with white cubbies to put his/her shoes and socks/belongings in when you arrive. That is the same area that your gymnast will wait before this class & each class with you or another parent/guardian for the coaches to collect them and begin!
  • The coaches will take roll, so no need to check in to the front desk- just go ahead and walk into the double doors to the gym area at the entrance of the building and place your socks/shoes in the white cubbies. You’ll wait there until your coaches come get you for class! Gymnasts will be let out of class at that area as well.
  • No jewelry. If your gymnast has newly pierced ears and can not remove their studs for the duration of the class, please use a band-aid or athletic tape to cover the earrings & alert your coach. ANY JEWELRY REMOVED AT TGW AND MISPLACED IS NOT THE RESPONSIBILITY OF TGW as we expect all gymnasts to arrive sans jewelry.
  • Hair must be up and out of the face every class.
  • Dress code for females is a leotard or unitard for every class (proshop options available). If your gymnast can not get a leotard in time for their first class, any tighter workout clothes will suffice, ie- bike shorts/leggings with a tighter fitting tank top or t-shirt. Nothing flowy or baggy for safety reasons, and midriff bearing attire is prohibited (no bikini tops/sports bras worn as tops). For our male preschool gymnasts, any type of athletic wear will be adequate.
  • Please send your athlete with a water bottle each class as we try to limit the amount of touches to the public drinking fountain due to COVID precautions.
  • Please do not arrive earlier than 10 minutes prior to class starting. 5 minutes before the start of class is preferred.
  • We have a downstairs AND upstairs observation area for your viewing pleasure! Parents of potty-trained gymnasts are permitted to drop their athletes off instead of staying the whole class. We ask that you HAVE YOUR CELL PHONE AVAILABLE AND ON YOU THE ENTIRE CLASS DURATION, and that you physically walk your gymnast inside to wait with him/her until the start of class, and then walk back into TGW and pick your gymnast up from the front cubby area when class lets out as well. No minor children are permitted to go outside unaccompanied. (Important to note: the upstairs parent viewing room is small and can get crowded from time to time. We do not monitor social distancing, elective mask wearing, vaccination status etc. so please note entering this area is AT YOUR OWN RISK.) Siblings and other minor children not enrolled in a class need to be accompanied by an adult at all times, and may not roam our halls, use our outside play areas or any gym equipment. There are no pets or animals permitted in this viewing room or any part of TGW: OTHER THAN SERVICE ANIMALS ONLY.
  • If your gymnast is NOT POTTY-TRAINED, a parent or guardian MUST STAY IN THE PARENT VIEWING AREA the entire class, in case a coach needs to call on you for assistance.
  • PLEASE HAVE YOUR CHILD VISIT THE RESTROOM PRIOR TO CLASS STARTING! Kindly also make sure you speak with your gymnast about the importance of asking his or her coach before they visit the restroom, so our coaches can account for all gymnasts, at all times. TGW prohibits all minor children from leaving where their class is for any reason (restroom, water break, band-aid, finding their parent/guardian etc etc) without their coaches knowing.
  • TGW prohibits any vehicles from staying parked in the drive-up lane/horseshoe by our main or side entrances. This drive-up area is for immediate pick-up & drop-off only. You MUST park in the designated parking spaces if you are waiting or wish to be inside the facilities spectating. Please help us to adhere to the laws set in accordance with Fire Lanes as well as being respectful to our other families by not blocking traffic.
  • Any questions? Please email us at– we are happy to help and delighted to have you join the TGW family!